04 Mar Notarial Act

Objective Notarization is a legitimate fraud-deterrent process carried out by Notaries Public that renders the essential documents as trustworthy. It is a three-phase course of of vetting, certifying and record keeping. Notarizations are additionally known as notarial acts. Above all, notarization is the assurance through a duly appointed and unbiased Notary Public that a report is genuine, that its signature is actual, and that its signer acted with out duress or intimidation, and supposed the terms of the record to...

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04 Mar What is a Notary Public

What is a Notary Public? A Notary Public is an official of integrity appointed by means of state government—usually with the aid of the secretary of state — to serve the public as an independent witness in performing a selection of legit fraud-deterrent acts associated to the signing of vital documents. These official acts are known as notarizations or notarial acts. Notaries are publicly commissioned as “ministerial” officials, which means that...

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