Setting up a basic Notary profile is completely free. There are no additional costs. Our Premium Notary membership profiles are free for 30 days and then only $5 a month thereafter. We strive to keep our services very affordable for our paid members. Please view our membership options page for details.

If you're looking for a Notary, the 'Request Notary' feature is a free service that connects you with one of our Premium Notary Members taking out the hassle of searching for a Notary yourself. Once you fill out the form and submit your request, our system will automatically notify our members in your area allowing them to reach out to you. You can then choose the one that best fits your needs.

The 'Request Notary' feature is a special benefit exclusive for our Premium members only. This feature allows you to be notified of any person seeking a notary in your area within 50 miles of your location when they submit the form.

Your profile is instantly made viewable and searchable to the public as soon as your fill out the registration page. The notary search function is completely based on your "Location" tab in your profile. If you do not have a location listed, your profile will not display on the live search page. Simply update your location and be sure to save your changes.

The Loyalty Rewards Program is an exclusive benefit for our Premium Members that have been members for over 6 months. Benefits include random contest giveaways for things such as Gift Cards (Starbucks is our fav), 1-2 months free, and other prizes!

We truly appreciate those who have been with us on this journey and hope this is a small way we can say thank you.

Please be patient, it may take up to 15 minutes to receive your confirmation email with your membership link attached. If you still haven’t received your confirmation email, please contact

Please contact and we will send you a custom upgrade link.

After you have created your profile, click on the “My Profile” tab which is added to the main menu after you have logged in. Then click “Change Photo”.

Under the main section of your profile, click on the “Settings” tab. Then you can enter in a new password.

Simply click here and type in your email address.

If you decide to cancel your profile, simply login to your Paypal account and stop payments to Notary Connect. Your account will automatically be demoted to a basic profile and premium profile fields will no longer be displayed. If you wish to completely remove your listing, please contact

Please contact us at and we will answer your question asap.